What Happens When You Assume?My last post was November 20, 2012. It was a good one, but certainly not the last word I want to share on increasing revenue and engagement through customer delight. Did you miss me?

Hey, Where Did You Go?

I often ask this myself when I land on a blog that hasn’t been touched in months or years. Did the person give up or move on to another passion? Occasionally you’ll find a final post that explains the abandonment, but often you’re just left with your own assumptions. Perhaps that was you with this blog.

What Happens When You Assume?

Just like with your own customers, when they go silent, you’re left with questions which lead to assumptions. Too often we let these assumptions grow into strategies. These strategies have little chance for actually turning your business around because they’re just thoughts pulled out of the ether.

Where Did The Love Go?

Stop assuming, start asking. Yes, I know asking customers who seem to have lost their love for you is really hard. It’s humbling, even embarrassing. Man up and pick up the phone. They have the answers you need.

If you think I don’t take my own medicine, think again. I have, and will continue to ask customers why they have gone silent.

The Answers Will Reveal The Truth

When you ask your customers about their experience with your company or organization, keep in mind these truths:

  1. The answers can help you focus  your offering or lead you in new areas. You may have one product or service that you think is awesome, but your customers don’t, and it’s overshadowing something awesome.
  2. You may get unexpected answers. Sometimes the drop off has nothing to do with you or your offering. Sometimes it does, but not for any reason you might expect.
  3. The answers may reveal jewels in your product or service offering that you didn’t recognize or value. Sometimes this answer is a value in your offering that you didn’t have a clue was important to your customer.
  4. The answers may reveal a quick fix that will skyrocket success. What if one little tweak to your business model was all it takes? Of course you’d want to know about that, right? Growth might be just an answer away.

So, Why The Abandonment Of This Blog?

My last post was November 20, 2012.

That was 6 days after my Mom broke her hip, and 16 days before she passed from this life.

The loss of my Mother hit me harder than I’d ever anticipated. Thanks to friends, family, and faith, and a great program called GriefShare, I am finding my way through this journey.

Did you assume correctly? Unless you knew me, probably not. Most of my site visitors would move on and not ask why. Do you do the same to your customers — let them move on and not ask why? If so, you’re losing a valuable opportunity.

Speaking of asking questions, many thanks to those of my friends who asked me questions over these 8 months, and were there when I had questions of my own. I am blessed, and stronger than I would have been without you.