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Your ideal customer.


Your ideal customer is the person who would be delighted to buy what you’re selling or know what you’re telling. You probably already have some ideal customers, but you need more – to enrich their lives and bring your vision to reality.

Many businesses and organizations still use the traditional “shotgun” approach to reaching  a generic “customer”. The problem here is that their appeal is so broad that it doesn’t excite anyone, and most importantly, doesn’t excite the customers who would really be thrilled with their product or message, if it was just presented clearly.

So, that’s why we start with discovering who your ideal customer is as the first step.

We talk to people who are already “sold” to find out what sold them on you and your product or message above all others.

Sometimes those answers are really surprising! We also talk to potential customers to see what might be holding them back.

Step 1: Create Personas

Next, we take those results to develop “personas,” that is, fictional people that represent real people you’re trying to reach. Personas are vital because they take those tangible characteristics and intangible values and put a face on them. So, when you think about a new product, service, message, blog post, etc. you can say, “Hey, Persona, what you do you think?” and get an answer that fits.

Personas are the “My Man Fridays” of your business. They can help with each strategic decision you make.

Now that we know the “who,” we move to the “what” of the process – Top Tasks.

Step 2: Identify Top Tasks

Has your website grown into an unmanageable mess? Is your home page more like a spider web than a direct path to the tasks most customers need to do?

Your website customers came to your site with a specific task in mind. Statistically, it breaks down to this:

If 50% of your customers want only 1-10 tasks (which most do), it just makes sense to find out what those are and deliver them effortlessly, to increase the delight that your customer has with you.

Top task identification can unearth gold mines that you don’t know exist.

We find your customer’s top tasks by surveying a group of your ideal customers (current and potential) using a tested, reliable process. Once identified, we will have a small set of priority tasks that need to be performing very well.

Now that we know the who (Personas) and the what (Top Tasks), we can move to an informed blueprint for effective communication.