Your Customer Conversation.

Social Media – The Party of the Internet Age

You love your customers, donors, users, you really do. You want them to stick around and buy, donate, use, etc., right? Social media brings you into the conversations their having with their friends, families, peers, like-minded peeps, etc. This is great! So, what are you gonna do once you’re in the social media huddle? You can be the wallflower that says nothing, the bore, or the overbearing guy that is completely stuck on himself. Or, you can be the person that everyone naturally gravitates to, because they like what you say, and moreover, they know you “get” them.

We can help you find the words to say, the questions to ask, that will get you noticed (in a good way) and cement those relationships.

Email – Delivering a Meaty Message Without Becoming Spammy

Everyone does email, we make your email sing when it hits your customer inbox. Why? For one reason, we’ve done the work of discovering your ideal customer and what they want, so we help you craft compelling emails that bring clickable content that doesn’t waste your customer’s time.

Our emails consistently exceed industry standards for open rate and click-through.

I’m Not a Fan of the Word “Blog” But I Love Blogs

I wish they were called something else – it sounds too much like “blob” or “slug” but there it is, the term is coined and they didn’t ask me. Anyway, I do love blogs – love reading, sharing, commenting on blogs that “get” me — and I’m pretty normal here. What I don’t like are blogs that waste my time — don’t you? Again, normal. Don’t make me hate yours.

Get my advice on how to write to your ideal customer in a way that wins them over every time.