Shhh! It's secret!Have you put hours into crafting that perfect, graphic masterpiece of an email, and yet the click through number won’t budge? Use this secret, insider’s trick to make your emails more successful.

Are you ready? This is really big! Here you go…

Change your button links to text links.

That’s it.

I know – I shouldn’t have built it up so much. But seriously, it works!

Text Links Rock!

Text links still seem to do better than buttons. Maybe it’s because we understand that a text link is more likely to give us more information, and we equate buttons with executing a process (a higher level of commitment). So buttons are more appropriate for submitting a form, completing a transaction, etc.

If you want to test this out for yourself, send an A/B test to your email list, using a text link in one, and a button in the other. Let me know your results.