Delightful Customer Experiences


Because we’ve done the work of discovering your ideal customer/s, we can now blueprint a structure or improve the current structure of your website in a way that’s highly focused and conversion-friendly. We’ll identify changes to navigation, search, content, and layout that achieve the goals of making your customers’ experience on your website delightfully successful.

Often the question, “How do we get people to order?” is the wrong one. It should be “How do we make ordering easy?”

Many times we can make valuable improvements by adding prominence to a few things, and removing the clutter that hides the top tasks. The value of improvement over redesign is that it smoothly transitions your customers over to a better way of getting their tasks done through more relevant content, updated content, and better search and navigation.

Content is critical. We know what it takes to move your ideal customer from an information consumer to an acting buyer and help you craft a messages that motivate.

Content is King. Is your “king” just sitting there, developing a wide behind, or doing the work?

Sometimes your old site just doesn’t work anymore and needs a full redesign. We can do that, too, if it’s justified by the data we collect and an analysis of your website. We can also create a new web presence that’s right for your customers from the get-go.

Customer Satisfaction – Measuring success

We confirm the value we’ve added to your website not just by looking at analytics data (which tells a small part of the story), but by asking your customers about their satisfaction with their experience. Depending on the project, we may measure satisfaction both at the beginning and throughout the project.

It’s easy to measure inputs like visits and click-throughs, but the outcomes – the positive customer experiences – isn’t that really what it’s all about?

Measuring customer satisfaction identifies “sore spots” that annoy your customers, helps you focus on what’s important to your customers (and ignore what isn’t important) and make the improvements that result in delighted customers and the greatest return on investment.

Optimizing Organic Search – Helping your ideal customers find you while building trust

A search strategy that focuses on communicating your customer’s top tasks through content written for human beings is the best long term solution for search engine success.  If you understand how your customer thinks and what their top tasks are, they will not only find your site, but be able to complete what they came to do. Moreover, the will be delighted to share your website within their niche (which is likely yours, too).

The search engine optimized site that doesn’t speak “human” is a failure on all levels.

A search engine focused optimization of your website is a short term solution to mediocre results.If you try to read a page or website description that’s been “optimized” by some so-called SEO experts, you’ll see text that might move the website higher in search results, but has the negative effect of being less trustworthy in your customer’s eyes because it is so obviously not written for human beings.

Local Search – Getting noticed by local customers

Local businesses trust us to focus on optimizing their site for customers in their community, through

  • Local search audit – discover where you currently stand in the local search rankings
  • Name Address and Phone (NAP) – repair it for consistent listings across the internet
  • Top Search Engines and Directories – identify the top ones for your industry within the local community
  • Profiles – claim and optimize them profiles on search engines and directories
  • GPS listing – get listed on GPS device databases
  • Citations – build the number of mentions of your business on other websites
  • Reviews – build and teach you how to solicit reviews on search engines and social media
It makes sense to focus resources where your customers are. Whether local, a niche, or world wide, we know how to get your business positioned correctly.

Our process identifies the search engines and directories that are unique to your industry or market niche, and we focus our efforts on those. We avoid those directories that participate in fraudulent or misleading sales activities.

What’s next: Deepening customer relationships.