Donna MaukonenAbout

My bio and business philosophy.


My name is Donna “Maui” Maukonen and I can help you define and propel your online vision. I deliver value to your organization by helping you truly get what makes your customers tick, click, and buy what you’re selling or telling. Specifically, what I and my team do is:

  • Discover your “ideal” customer by:
    • Getting to know them through a tested interview process
    • Identify your customers’ top tasks
  • Blueprint your website structure and strategy, including:
    • Delivering top tasks simply and efficiently
    • Measuring customer satisfaction
    • Optimizing your website for organic search so your ideal customers can find you
    • Optimizing your placement on localized searches
  • Deepen the customer relationship through:
    • Blogging
    • E-Mail
    • Social media

Every business can benefit from these solutions, and we can tell you how we helped businesses and organizations from small to big make their online strategy both sleek and sustainable.

Can we work together?

I am a designer, entrepreneur, and global thinker by nature, probably a lot like you. I’m gifted with two rare talents. First, I can envision the practical outworking of a dream before pen is put to paper. Second, I am intensely curious about new technology, and construct strategic solutions using the best of current and emerging technology.

I only work with clients who are serious about succeeding online. I can’t be all things to all people. I’ve been in the online world for over 18 years. I’ve seen a huge amount of change in that time, and have learned how to navigate the ocean of mediocre or downright awful solutions out there to identify those that will propel your online vision.

I work with a select group of organizations, entrepreneurs, and businesses in the course of a year. My desire is to bring true value to each of my clients, so making sure we have a “fit” is very important to me. Contact me for a free 15 minute phone appointment, and we’ll see if we can team up for your success.

Your dream can’t wait.

My back story: I was nerdy, when nerdy wasn’t cool.

I started my work life in financial information technology (a bit dry, but good experience), then worked for several years at Ligonier Ministries, supporting their financial, donor, and conferencing platforms. At Ligonier I got my first taste of the Internet as a member of their Web Team, and was so taken with the possibilities of the online world that I returned to college, completing a degree in Multimedia Technology. An internship at, a Cox Communications city site turned into a full time gig which I held until 2003. During that time I produced and supervised production for the events, homes, recreation, and entertainment channels. I also managed the websites for five Cox radio stations in the Orlando metro area and was on the website management team for icFlorida was an incredible opportunity to learn best web practices and started my career long love of blending the beauty and usability to connect with customers.

I also have a BA Cum Laude from the University of Central Florida in Liberal Studies (Fine Art and Computer Science, Writing Minor). UCF also happens to be the alma mater of my mom, sister, and two brothers. Go Knights!

What’s with the Maui bit?

I was given my nickname by a friend who didn’t want to mess with saying a Finnish surname that maybe .00001% of the population outside of Finland knows how to spell, let alone pronounce. Seriously, it wasn’t until the 9th grade that kids in my high school were helping new teachers pronounce my name. So I figure, why make it hard, and let’s keep the nickname and make it part of my website address,

I haven’t been to Maui (yet), but I live and work in what I think is the next best place, in the heart of the Sunshine State, just a short walk from the banks of the scenic and wild Wekiva River.